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1. Pulling butterfly –> getting under the hips and lifting –> X-guard –> finish through stand up or backdoor to back/pass

2. Rolling armbar

3. Spinal alignment –> bridge and hip escape (near knee if on knees, far foot if on KOB)

4. Knee slice pass defense –> frame and underhook


Random stuff

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Deep half — waiter sweep, weird x-guard type thing

Backwards sweep from half guard — remember to lift the non-trapped leg

Mexican surprise sweep/omoplata spin under

Defending the single leg — backwards roll or front leg trip

Knee tap off  the half guard

Arm drag off the half guard

Knee slice pass –> backstep –> knee between/rolling back take

Time for war

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One week until my first blue belt competition.  Honestly, I’m not too worried.  I’m definitely taking this seriously, but realistically, I’ve only been training three times a week for the past month, and that’s after taking a year off training regularly.


Above all, flow and relax.  Breathe.  Take risks.  Play your game. Be aggressive.  Just roll.

Urban Legend

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Urban Legend

I actually have very few pictures of myself doing BJJ (as opposed copious pictures of me wearing Robot shirts). I guess it makes sense, given that I can’t really take a picture of myself while trying to knee-between/leg drag someone. Although I think I got swept very shortly after by that very good purple belch.

Wrestling Construction Yard

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Stance: flow/relax

Offense: monkey grips, push and pull, forward pressure, shot

Defense: downblock, reshot


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Even though I’ve been a blue belt for over three years now, there’s something relieving about not being a purple yet.

Shut down procedure

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I understand that there is no such thing as winning and losing in jiu jitsu, but never again will I lose because of something as in my control as endurance and stamina.  Never again will I quit because I’m too tired or because there is no strength left in my muscles.  I’ll commit myself to fitness so that I will never betray my technique again.

In the end, there’s only winning and learning.

Underneath the water

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Rickson Gracie, along with being the hippest man I’ve heard of, has a concept of invisible BJJ.  I don’t know the man/demigod well enough to know exactly what he means, but I’m interpreting it to mean the millimeters of difference in arm placement that can be the difference between your opponent escaping and submitting your opponent, or the tens of pounds of difference in pressure between a pin from a black belt and a pin from a purple belt or a blue belt. 

These things can’t be seen.  They can only be felt, experienced.  But these things matter.  


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I’ve been extraordinarily blessed in my five years of training to only have suffered from minor sprains, pulled muscles, and random cuts from people who don’t cut their nails.  I’m currently fighting probably my toughest opponent yet, who randomly pops up to submit me and then runs away.  He’s pretty good at sweeping me off my feet and rendering my attacks useless. Long story short, I haven’t been training for a while because of bouts of vertigo that have been reminding me of every bad drinking decision I’ve made every time I spar.  

I remember how Tim and David used to always remind us how lucky we were to be training in the backyard of two of the largest BJJ tournaments in the world, the Pan Ams and the Mundials, in the jiu jitsu hotbed of Southern California, and how competitors would fly out even from distant shores to fight in what’s a 1 hour drive (…or 3 with traffic) for us. It never really clicked to me because I had started training in LA, so I didn’t really have anything to compare it to. Don’t get me wrong, I know I’ll be in the good, strong hands of Royce black belt Jason Culbreth and the guys at Forged NC when I start at Duke, but the (realistically) two rapidly dwindling months of training I have at Robot is suddenly dawning on me.  

And I’ve definitely been taking it for granted. And suddenly, I regret all of the times when I wasn’t able to train for legitimate reasons, such as injuries or pet ringworm growing on me. But I regret even more all of the times that I didn’t train because I was tired, because I wanted to go out to eat, or because I was just plain lazy. 

Gotta make these couple months count.  Two summers ago, I tried a little experiment where I trained muay thai, wrestling, and jiu jitsu full time, and despite the multitasking, it was that summer that I saw my largest gains.  So no more excuses — from now until I leave, I’ll be training hard and hopefully, I won’t just be like some vertigo that comes and leaves without warning.


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Even after having my blue for over two years, this is something I need to learn from.